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Dear OA members & web-site bug hunters,

The site up and running and ready for contributions from Capri 26 sailors.  

Feel free to cruise the site and enter articles and make comments. The 'To Join' form will go right in to Art & Donna's e-mail. 

The general plan is for a discussion based web where members or visitors can post comments and others can add to these comments. These comments will be 'searchable' so we can categorize them under (?) rigging, cabin, hull...  All in all, I'm building the site based on what sailors like to do when on dry land near boats...swap information & show off their beautiful boat. I can't seem to fit in the other sailor passions for drinking and eating but maybe we could have an on-line potluck sometime. No doubt, everyone will unfortunately bring potato salad to the cyber event.

Here's your homework today, go to the buttons at the bottom of this page and click on 'Fleet Photos' and then 'Hull #63'. Here's the model of what I will do for your boat. Each member will have a page with their hull number as the index. Send me copy about your boat and some photos! I can scan photos and I'll return them to you if you include a SASE. E-mail with attachments works best.  When I get the responses I'll place them in the templates and each member will be ready to leave the dock. I can update new or existing members as we go. Please send me digital photos as .jpg not .gif or .tiff  E-mail them to me and zip them if you know how. 

The "NOTES" button at the end of the below buttons brings you back here from every page.

Here's a handy e-mail comment form that will send comments to me directly from this page. As things occur to you, click the 'NOTES' button in the navigation bar on each page and use this form to send me a comment.          Welcome aboard everyone!   Mark

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