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Hull #: 13
Boat Name: Sante'
Mfg Year: 1990
Keel: Wing
Motor: OB 9.9hp
Trailer: Yes
  Owners: Jim Westman
Homeport: Clear Lake
Home Waters: California
Purchased: 1990
Our home port is at Braitos Marina on Clear Lake, California. It's about a 2 hour drive north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The lake is 20 miles long by 8 miles at the widest area. From the marina we have a choice of sailing in three different directions, depending on the choice to beat, run, or reach. We have a trailer and have traveled to Lake Tahoe, the Deltas out of San Francisco Bay, and the Puget Sound Area in Washington. The boat is a little wide and heavy to travel conveniently on the highway, but worth it when you make the destination.
Skipper of this hull:
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