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Hull #: 222
Boat Name: Nordly
Mfg Year: 
Keel: Wing
Trailer: Yes

We have had some wonderfully warm weather here (the ice is gone!) and it's hard to believe it's February!

Around here boats start going in about the last of April so it's still a long wait! 

Owners:Brian & Gwen Meredith
Homeport: Drummond Island, MI
Home Waters:
222-Nordly pix 1

This was taken in the Bad River in Ontario. This is about midway on a trip from Spanish to Perry Sound, Ontario. We were with a group called the Trailer Sailors (and visited by a few Canadian power boaters). Upon reaching Perry Sound, we boarded a bus and retrieved our vehicles from Spanish  This was our first real introduction to the North Channel and Georgean Bay.

Skipper of this hull:
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