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Hull #: 287
Boat Name: Second Wind
Mfg Year: 
  Owners: Cal & Elaine Schofield
Homeport: Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Miami, FL.
Home Waters: Biscayne Bay & Florida Keys
We belong to Coconut Grove Sailing Club. As you can see by the name, it's sailing not yacht club! Our boat is on a mooring, so we catch the launch and take off for a long day sail, sometimes anchoring or docking at a key. These are the keys/islands from Miami to the beginning of the Florida Keys. Problems with the boat? I'm still trying to figure out how to stop the leakage around the windows. Any suggestions? The solar panel has saved me from carrying the battery home for a charge. On our last overnight, the battery died during the night of three thunderstorms - not too good. I do carry my outboard motor home after a day on the bay. We recently bought an asymmetrical jib which has increased our speed to 7 - 7 knots in less than ten knots of wind. It's much easier to operate than the spinnaker we had on the Catalina 22. We enjoy overnighting but haven't managed as many as when the children were young. Now that I am retired we hope to do more. The sailing club offers rendezvous both here and to the Bahamas.
Skipper of this hull: Yournamegoeshere
Vice Commodore: ~ "Please join the OA and help us keep the fleet together." Find-out more!