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Hull #: 298
Boat Name: Moonstruck
Mfg Year: 1995
Keel: Wing
Motor: Diesel
  Owners: Dean Vermeire
Homeport: Lenexa, KS
Home Waters: Lake Perry
Purchased: 2000

The cabin cover was the first thing we added when we bought the boat last September. We don't have any leaks right now, but I would like to prevent them. Really, we just thought it looked nice and would keep the boat cleaner. We also tend to get wasps trying to build nests in the cabin. The cover has a separate piece that covers the companionway hatch. We had the cover custom made by Wolfe Sails in Topeka ( They do great work.

Other goodies: Bimini, roller-furling 150, auto tiller. How lazy can I get? Don't answer yet... For my birthday last October, my family bought me a set of lazy jacks and a propane grill for the boat. Rounding a mark in a race will get very interesting when I'm trying to grill corn on the cob! That's about all for now. I'll have more pictures soon.

Sailing in Kansas is actually pretty good. The lakes aren't all that big, but the wind is good. Kansas is home to at least one world-class sailor, Bill Koch. Okay, so he owned a boat that won the America's Cup, and he got to ride on the boat.

Skipper of this hull:
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