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Hull #: 304
Boat Name: Kokomo
Mfg Year: 1995
Keel: Wing
Motor: 18 hp diesel
Trailer: Yes
304-Kokomo pix 1  Owners: Art & Donna Pekarek
Homeport: Imperial, Missouri
Home Waters: Mark Twain Lake
Purchased: 1995
We sail on Mark Twain Lake, near Hannibal, Missouri (Quincy, IL). Sometimes we trailer her to other lakes, but this is our homeport. Kokomo is named after the song by the same name, not Kokomo, Indiana, but a place to get away from it all. When we leave the dock, it's usually two nights before we return. So she's like a floating condo and we sail, swim, cook, etc., and live aboard.

Photo #1 was taken during a light wind when one of us took the rubber inflatable, "Babyboat", away for some shots with the spinnaker up. It is not easy to take boat photos when you are aboard! We have tried. Photo #2 was taken along the bluffs by a friend. Great picture of the first mate, but they accidentally cut off the top of the mast!!! Power Boaters, U No, -No brainers. #3 This photo shows Kokomo on autopilot. NOTE: Where is the skipper and his first mate? #4 This photo is Kokomo II, our off-season toy. She is over five feet tall and was slowly, but painstakingly built by the Captain. She drafts 6 inches and has never run aground. She can be maneuvered from shore and needs very little maintenance. Definitely a dry sailor!

 304-Kokomo pix 2  304-kokomo pix3  little kokomo pix 4
Skipper of this hull:
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