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Hull #: 50
Boat Name: Willy T
Mfg Year:1990
Keel: Wing
Motor: Diesel
Owners: Brad and Terry Williams Owners: Brad & Terry Williams
Homeport: Highlands Ranch, CO
Home Waters: Chatfield Reservoir
Purchased: 2000
Terry and I moved up from a Catalina 22 ...bought the Capri in Michigan which had been the boat's home for 10 years. A friend helped us tow her back to Colorado where she's slipped at a nearby reservoir. We re-named her Willy T almost immediately with a big ceremony and lots of pomp and circumstance.....paying particular attention to respect and pay homage to Neptune.

We don't have a tow vehicle large enough to haul Willy T around yet, but that's planned in the foreseeable future. If the person who coined the term "pocket cruiser" had any particular boat in mind, it must have certainly been the Capri. We plan to do some touring at larger lakes not too distant, such as Lake Meade. One day, Willy T will taste the salt water, but until then, Terry and I will charter and use our boat for local inland sails.

One doesn't necessarily think of Colorado of a sailing paradise, but would you believe that in our little marina (about 300 boats) there are three Capri 26s? I'll work on those folks to join the association.

looking forward and you can see that the V berth has been 
enclosed with some cabinetry that provides some shelves, a sliding door on 
the lower starboard side and a closet type door on the port side.  It makes 
for wonderful storage and a great sail locker.
starboard side, just forward of the 
galley Willy T at her 
slip on a cool Colorado October day
Skipper of this hull:
Vice Commodore: ~ "Please join the OA and help us keep the fleet together." Find-out more!