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Capri 26 Freebie

Right click on the picture and click on "Set as Wallpaper". The picture is around 1/2 a mg in size. The download may take a moment. This should, (according to my son), save the picture to your screen as your background picture. Now your screen has a classic view of Cayuga Lake from the cockpit of a sister-ship, #63 - iktumi.  To de-select the picture as your background, go into Settings,  Control Panel, Display. The present choice of  "Wallpaper, Internet Explorer Wallpaper" should be high-lighted. Click on some other choice to deep six the pix. 
I'll offer other screen shot pictures as we get them from members. Mac users, NT, etc. I  have no idea how to direct you other than to say, "Go ask one of your kids..."

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